This is also called as local scope.

What is the local/function scope ❓

The possible accessibility to variables and functions within the particular function block environment is called local/function scope.

function random(){ // random function's scope start here
}// random function's scope ends here

So what exactly are allowed to access or use within this block?

  1. Variables and functions defined within the function.
  2. function’s arguments
  3. variables and functions declared in its parent function’s scope
  4. variables and functions declared in global scope.



What does ECMA stand for?

The European Computer Manufacturer’s Association.

What does ECMA do?

They develop standards for information technology and consumer technology.

Few languages standardized by ECMA

ECMAScript, Dart-Lang, C#

What is ECMAScript and JavaScript(JS) ?

JS was developed by Netscape( Now Mozilla). Then JavaScript received trademark license from Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) that describes Netscape implementation of the language. Then Netscape submitted the language for standardization to ECMA.

Due to trademark and standardized version of the language, the language name was updated to ECMAScript. But everyone calls the language JavaScript.

Abbreviation for ECMAScript is — ES. And versions of the language is written after ES. For example ES06.